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Adam Smith Center
We spread the ideas of liberty, free market, and the rule of law in Russia
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Adam Center for Market Economy seeks to promote the values of personal and economic freedom, judicial independence, and limited government through organizing educational and academic conferences, publishing, and conducting researches.

Despite the collapse of the USSR and the beginning of post-communist reforms, Russia hasn't had a significant shift towards liberalization. Our government still controls the most spheres of life. We view our think tank as a platform for increasing critical thinking and economic literacy of our fellow citizens, as well as for popularizing the ideas of individual liberties, free market and free cooperation.

At our regional conferences, lectures and big forums in Moscow and St. Petersburg Russian citizens have a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in the fields of economics, ethics, political science and sociology. They present an in-depth exploration of current social problems and discuss freedom, private property, limited government and individualism. Together we spread the libertarian ideas and build strong networks of smart open-minded young people.

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